Out of the Office for Fall Events: 10 Ways to Make the Most of It!

It’s that time of year again where you’re out of the office more than you’re in it…and NOT on vacation! Microsoft Fall events are in full swing and to make life a little easier, I have 10 ways to make the most of your experiences away from the office…

  1. Ship early! There is nothing more gut wrenching than finding out the cost difference between ground and 3-day shipping. If you’re shipping items to an event, be sure to build in enough time to take advantage of savings and save yourself some dollars (and heartburn).
  2. Check out the local forecast. This will help you pack appropriately and bring that umbrella or ark, if need be.
  3. Bring layers! There is no such thing as a comfortable conference center. You’re guaranteed to have at least one room that’s churning out frigid air. Bring a light jacket or sweater so you can focus more on the presentation and less on your decreasing body temperature.
  4. Don’t be a camel. Will you need your laptop, tablet, charging station, and whatever else seems light but then is incredibly heavy after schlepping it around all day? If you don’t need it, keep it in your room. Your shoulders will thank you.
  5. Speaking of carrying things…What’s your bag like? I normally use a one shoulder strap computer bag, but it’s terrible for events. Consider getting a new bag (either a backpack, sling-style, or roller) if you need to carry that bag all day.
  6. Build your event schedule ahead of time. Whether it’s via a mobile app or old fashioned calendaring, make the tough choices at home (or on the plane) so you have your game plan mapped out and can spend valuable break time with colleagues or getting the good cookie.
  7. Get to the session rooms early. If you have your heart set on a session, chances are others do as well. You can’t really be upset with the event organizers if you show up 30 seconds before the session begins and it’s full (says the girl who has been yelled at plenty of times).
  8. See the city! There’s nothing worse than getting home from another glamorous work trip and you saw three things: the airport, the freeway, and the hotel. Try to build in a little time to explore the location, eat where the locals dine, and build some memories.
  9. Go home tired. Not because you were out all night, but because you gave it all as an active event attendee, whether that was hosting customers, meeting new people, or catching up with colleagues.
  10. Take action when you get home. It is so easy to move onto the next big thing, but take some time to organize your new contacts, make follow up calls, or create action plans to implement what you learned. You will never regret doing this right away while the contacts, memories, and knowledge is fresh!

The Partner Channel wishes you a great season of events that help build your business. For a complete list of events, check out our upcoming events page: http://thepartnerchannel.com/upcoming-events/. We also hope to see you at The Partner Connections Event October 20-22nd!

By Jenny Davis, President at The Partner Channel

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