Celebrating the Best of The Partner Channel Magazine

The Partner Channel Magazine Spring 2016 issue is hitting desks near and far highlighting a few of the best features, long-standing business tips, and more.

The Partner Channel team shares their magazine favorites below. What article has made an impression on you over the years? Please comment below!

Jenny Davis

My all-time favorite cover illustration for The Partner Channel Magazine was on the Winter 2008 issue. Matt Mastrud (aka Punchgut) has been contributing his incredibly unique look to the magazine cover and article graphics for years, and he is not shy about coming up with something that is definitely different than the status quo (For example: My most recent feedback to him was, “I love everything but the finger.” So there will be no finger on the Summer 2016 issue’s cover. That will make more sense in a few months.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Our theme for the Winter 2008 issue was “Is Reaching for the Moon Possible Anymore” and Matt delivered the most beautiful illustration of a little boy squishing the moon. My eldest son, Peter, was about the same age as I imagine this little boy to be, so while the cover was on theme and a gorgeous piece of art, it also reminded me of my sweet little boy.

squishing moon

Thank you, Matt, for sharing your talents with us quarter after quarter. (As a little plug for Matt – you can purchase Squish the Moon and a few of Matt’s other illustrations. Drop me a line at Jenny@thepartnerchannel.com if you’d like to know where to shop!)

Jasmine McNellis

My favorite article from our recent Winter 2016 magazine issue is Dare To Let Go…Of What Is Holding You Back. I read this article at the beginning of the new year and thought about things I could do in 2016 focusing on my own personal fears. One of my biggest fears is heights. Patrick enjoys rock climbing at REI located in Bloomington. He has climbed several times however he gets stuck at the same spot every time and then comes down feeling disappointed that he didn’t get to the top of the 44’ mountain to ring the bell. It’s inspiring to watch him climb each time and see that he has no fear, and wants so badly to get to the top. I wanted to try and climb that mountain too and ring the bell and show Patrick that I could do it and he could too. On January 17th I climbed 44’ and rang the bell and Patrick climbed right after me and he rang the bell too for the first time. I was so proud. As the quote in the article says “Always do what you are afraid to do.” I found that taking on a fear was the most rewarding thing for myself and was great for Patrick too. We accomplished a goal together, and can build on this life lesson for years to come.

Jane Olson

I really enjoy most anything that Peter Joeckel write … his sense of humor while still getting his point across provides humor, while at the same time sharing wisdom with others who haven’t been through the experiences he has.

I’m going to pick his Failure to Scale article from the Summer 2014 issue.

Maybe it’s because I was with Great Plains/Microsoft when all those acquisitions were happening and I could relate more closely to what he was going with as I was responsible for communications to ISVs during that period .. not sure, but thinking maybe why that article resonated more that his others.  But I really do enjoy his approach/style!

Bethany Foyt

It is so hard to pick just one! So I’ll pick two…

I remember Bonnie Robertson’s article back from Summer 2012- “If They Only Knew” because she referenced greats who didn’t live long enough to realize how great they were. I think that’s so true in everyday life too. It’s human nature to always be looking forward and not really enjoy what’s right in front of us. How great life is at this very moment. It is a very thoughtful article and made me grateful for the present.

I also love Barb Pfeiffer’s article from Fall 2015 “Collaborative Marketing is the New Black”. She has such an easy style to read and The Partner Marketing Group team always gives great resources and actionable items. As a former contributing writer from that company, I know they have a passion for sharing helpful and resourceful information. That always comes through in the articles they write for us in The Partner Channel Magazine.

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