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The one about culture

The Partner Channel Magazine Fall 2017 issue is ready for download and company culture is the theme. But what is company culture exactly and why does it really matter? It may be more important than you think and if you haven’t thought about it until now, there’s no better time to read this issue of […]

The Partner Channel Magazine Summer 2016 Issue: The Total Package

How much time have you spent on thinking about what it takes to become the total package for your customers? The Partner Channel Magazine has you covered! Read the Summer 2016 issue for tips on rounding out your business processes, industry expertise, your own roster, and more!

Celebrating the Best of The Partner Channel Magazine

The Partner Channel Magazine Spring 2016 issue is hitting desks near and far highlighting a few of the best features, long-standing business tips, and more. The Partner Channel team shares their magazine favorites below. What article has made an impression on you over the years? Please comment below!

Sales Leads by Phone: Why Reaching People Is So Hard and What to Do About It

“Reach” means live, human-to-human phone communication with your intended prospect or customer. “Reach” is not necessarily a full marketing or sales conversation yet, but is at least a real-time exchange of words. Merely reaching b-to-b prospects and customers is one of the greatest challenges in phone-based marketing and sales. To wit: On what portion of […]

Sales Jails

Voice mail is a wonderful convenience. Unless you are in sales. In that case, there is no voice mail. There is only voice jail. A place where no one ever returns your call. A place where you wait and you wait and you wait, while the game goes on without you. Until you pick up […]

The New Face of Partner Sales: Driving Revenue by Implementing a Truby™ Program

While other sectors have been hit hard during the current economic climate, Partners are finding that technology solutions are selling better than ever. Territories are expanding so rapidly that many Partners are scrambling just to keep up with recruiting, hiring and training sales talent. A good problem to have? Perhaps. But if this is your […]

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    Today, it’s all about content; your magazine is a perfect blend of technical, practical, easy-to-apply tips, and very readable content! A lot of magazines and e-zines cross my line of sight; I always take the time to read Partner Channel.
    - Marlene Shoucair, Xpertdoc