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Don’t Focus on the Customer; ENGAGE the Customer

Two years ago, a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) revealed that four out of five executives believed that companies were losing sales every year because of a failure to engage customers. Furthermore, 80 percent suggested that increased customer engagement would translate into improved customer loyalty, and 75 percent said it would translate into increased […]

Why Smart People do Dumb Things

Read any headline, and it is not uncommon to see a story about someone (usually a leader) who has done something that makes no sense. The headlines replay the Enron scam, the debacle of Wall Street, New York Governor Spitzer and his prostitution ring, President Clinton and Monica, President Bush getting a shoe thrown at […]

Beyond Jeans on Friday

In the ’70s, progressive workplaces implemented dress down days or “jeans on Fridays.” In the ’80s, progressive workplaces implemented business casual, flextime, and job sharing. In the ’90s, progressive workplaces implemented remote offices, home offices, sandals as part of the dress code, and no set work schedule. In the 2000s, progressive workplaces have implemented “leadership […]

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