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The one about culture

The Partner Channel Magazine Fall 2017 issue is ready for download and company culture is the theme. But what is company culture exactly and why does it really matter? It may be more important than you think and if you haven’t thought about it until now, there’s no better time to read this issue of […]

The Partner Channel Magazine Summer 2016 Issue: The Total Package

How much time have you spent on thinking about what it takes to become the total package for your customers? The Partner Channel Magazine has you covered! Read the Summer 2016 issue for tips on rounding out your business processes, industry expertise, your own roster, and more!

What’s My Company’s Story?

By Aynsley Keller Marketing seems to get reinvented and redefined more than any other business focus. I know you’re thinking “spoken like a true marketer”. Just hear me out. My experience is minimal in comparison to those veterans of marketing who seem to have all the answers and remember the days before the internet and […]

Celebrating the Best of The Partner Channel Magazine

The Partner Channel Magazine Spring 2016 issue is hitting desks near and far highlighting a few of the best features, long-standing business tips, and more. The Partner Channel team shares their magazine favorites below. What article has made an impression on you over the years? Please comment below!

We’re Hiring!

Would you like to work at The Partner Channel or know somebody who would? Check out the Marketing and Communications Manager role we’ve posted. This is a brand new role for our organization and we’re excited at the prospect of bringing a new member to our team! Sincerely, Jane, Jasmine, and Jenny (Note: first name […]

Are you going to be social in 2010?

Do your 2010 marketing plans include investing in social media? If so, you’re pretty much in line with what other marketers are doing this year. Although social media is relatively in its infancy as far as its overall impact on marketing and ROI, companies in the tech sector continue to invest in it as a […]

No Complaints Here

As a marketer who works with Microsoft Dynamics® Partners, I can honestly say I’ve never been able to complain about a shortage of marketing services, tools, or resources when working with Microsoft. (Of course, I can complain about other things like the cold weather, my aching back, my dismal 401(K), but not about marketing.) No […]

Check out the Addictionary

Now this is a riot. Marketing professionals are getting together to come up with their own terms, definitions, and usages at Step aside, Webster.

Underdog Marketing

When you’re under siege – a place many resellers find themselves in this off-the-cliff economy – you’ll find advice at every turn about what you should and should not do with your marketing dollars, what works and doesn’t work in recessionary times, and more. Much of it is very good and useful, to be sure […]

Thinking Small Can Generate Big Results

As I talk with printers, list brokers, lead gen telemarketing providers, and others around the country these days, I’m hearing that activity is dropping off sharply from Partners. Hopefully, this article will get those of you in the “safe mode” back out on the street, marketing harder and smarter than ever. I know there’s business […]

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