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The Genius Series: Class of 2017-2018

The Partner Channel is honored to welcome the following students into the 2017-2018 class of marketers excel into geniuses! The first class is scheduled for September 21, 2017, covering the topic of List Maintenance and Management. But before we set out on this exciting journey to genius, get to know this year’s students by hearing […]

Amazing Keynote, Great Q&A with Hal Howard, and a Tornado Watch

The first day of The Partner Connections Event 2014 has already been filled with an inspiring keynote, informative and well-attended sessions, fun Q&A lunch with Hal Howard and Andy Hafer, and networking with event sponsors in the hall. The tornado watch in effect until later tonight has no affect on the energy at the Renaissance […]

Tapping the Treasure

What does the future hold for Partner organizations? I have been asked this question with increasing intensity over the past couple of years. The truth is, if I really knew what it takes to be hugely successful in the next several years, I would probably do it and not just talk and write about it. […]

Why Smart People do Dumb Things

Read any headline, and it is not uncommon to see a story about someone (usually a leader) who has done something that makes no sense. The headlines replay the Enron scam, the debacle of Wall Street, New York Governor Spitzer and his prostitution ring, President Clinton and Monica, President Bush getting a shoe thrown at […]

Don’t Assume It; Earn It

Maybe it’s because I’m an ad guy. Maybe not. But remember the TV and print ad campaign from a couple of decades ago where the model/spokesperson admonishes,  “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” WHAT? A person is right there on TV making claim to an attribute that may or may not be shared by the […]

Beyond Jeans on Friday

In the ’70s, progressive workplaces implemented dress down days or “jeans on Fridays.” In the ’80s, progressive workplaces implemented business casual, flextime, and job sharing. In the ’90s, progressive workplaces implemented remote offices, home offices, sandals as part of the dress code, and no set work schedule. In the 2000s, progressive workplaces have implemented “leadership […]

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