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Ronda Kilian


Ronda Kilian from DexPros is one of the consulting firms in The List and we sat down with her to learn more about her and her company…

The Partner Channel (TPC): How did DexPros start out?

Ronda Kilian (RK): The company began 12 years ago. I had worked for Great Plains and Microsoft for six years and then when they eliminated my group, I left but continued the same work because I saw such a need for it in the Partner channel. I wanted to continue offering those services and that’s when I formed my own consulting company.

In those early years, I had associates from Microsoft come work for me. Some have gone on to other things and some come back. At one time, I had six different people. We’ve never been huge, but our focus has always been custom development and integrations for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

TPC: Tell us more about the services you do for Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners and do you work solely for Partners?

RK: I do work directly with some users, but the majority of my work is contracting out to Partners. I have been all over the place in terms of customization in Microsoft Dynamics GP. More so in the Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing (POP) modules dealing with inventory management. I’ve done more integration and customization there than other areas of business.

TPC: What are some of the major pains you help Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners get through?

RK: If I had to put in the general terms, it would be helping them share, gather, and extract data that needs to go with their documents and transactions to run their business efficiently.

I also help them integrate systems that don’t innately talk to one another to help bring together invoicing, etc.

TPC: Do you work well within a certain size of Partner?

RK: Size doesn’t necessarily affect me and the work I do. By the time they contact me, I’m usually talking directly with the IT department and the size of the rest of the company doesn’t affect me.

TPC: What do Partners like most about you and your services?

RK: I think that they appreciate that there’s not a lot of overhead, paperwork, and bureaucracy involved. We have a direct relationship and that helps me get my work done faster and helps them get results quickly.

TPC: Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 changing anything for your business today and moving forward?

RK: I honestly don’t see that changing what we do at DexPros. We are here to continue supporting customers and Partners of Microsoft Dynamics GP and while there continues to be a need for our services out there, we will be doing it.

I liken it to the Cobalt programmers that are still around. As long as people are using Microsoft Dynamics GP, there will be a need for DexPros.

If customers have a need and a vision for how to work more effectively and efficiently, then I’m willing to help them make it happen.

TPC: What do you like most about the Microsoft Dynamics GP community?

RK: I like working with people who understand the system, and love bringing it to life for them.

When I can make an adjustment on their screen or what is happening behind the scenes and it makes them happy, I’m happy. I enjoy seeing them get excited about the things that really make a big difference in their daily routines.

TPC: Any final words of advice for Partners in the Microsoft Dynamics channel?

RK: If you love what you do, keep doing it. You don’t always need to be looking for the next new shiny thing.


Learn more about DexPros at

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