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The Partner Channel has been providing Microsoft Dynamics Partners with sales, marketing, and leadership training every year since 2004 through The Partner Event and The Partner Connections Event.

Although those events aren’t on the schedule anymore, we are not twiddling our thumbs. Check out an exciting opportunity created specifically for Microsoft Dynamics Partner organizations:

The Genius Series

October 2016- June 2017

Meet virtually two hours each month.

This nine month program is an in-depth , role-focused, and small-group learning opportunity for Microsoft Dynamics Partners to master their role and apply new tips and tricks to what they do everyday.

You know we love getting Partners together for networking, learning, and fun…now hear it from a few attendees of The Partner Events and The Genius (Mini) Series!

“This is the only event of the year that I go for me.  I am not there to sell anything but rather to learn from my peers.” Randy Smith, Vicinity Manufacturing “I like to hear what other ISVs are doing. It is really helpful for me from a marketing stand point.” Nicole Helm, Rockton Software

“Great Business Value! Not only did I get personal inspiration, but business inspiration from this conference. So much information, not sure how to share it all with my co-workers!” Joy McRae, Client Account Manager at Associates Solutions, Inc.

“Thanks to The Genius (Mini) Series session, I now have confidence to go back to the office and teach clients and partners how to optimize on the leads they have in their scanners from Convergence.” Amy McKinnon, Sky Blue Technology

“This event is always a shot in the arm for me. The combination of learning new or freshly-presented things in the workshops and networking with other attendees is invaluable.” Michael Camp, Synergy Business Solutions 

“A big take-away from today’s session was how ISVs and VARs can really work together on sales and marketing to reach a common goal.” Jim Kaltsas of Technology Management Concepts 

“We’ve all experienced conferences that have been stuffy, straight and that followed a dry agenda. The Partner Connections Event was definitely not one of those events.” Amie Sauvan of Perceptive Software

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