Miss the Expo Already?

By Jenny Davis

Have no fear…the Virtual Expo is here! Over 70 of the Convergence 2009 Sponsors and Exhibitors are included in The Partner Channel Virtual Expo: Spring 2009.

You can sort by company name, industry, horizontal, or service which helps make your search quick and easy! Oh…and another perk…there is no walking involved with this expo! (Which is pretty awesome if you’re still resting up after Convergence.)

Check it out now!

Are You Still at Convergence?

By Jenny Davis

The Convergence Expo just closed its doors. Wow. What an experience! Jane and The Partner Marketing Group talked to so many customers and Partners that they’ll be sporting perma-grins for days!

If you are still in New Orleans and did not have an opportunity to pick up a copy of The List: Handbook or the Spring 2009 magazine, please contact Jenny Davis at jenny (at) thepartnerchannel (dot) com and she’ll arrange to meet you with copies!

If you have departed or did not attend the event, please contact Jenny to arrange for the snail mailing of your copies.

Remember that you can visit The Partner Channel Virtual Expo: Spring 2009 whenever you want and be sure to enter your name in The Partner Channel’s fishbowl within the expo for a chance to win a Flip video camcorder! The deadline to enter your name into this drawing is March 31. We’ll share the winner name on April 1.

Thank you to the advertisers who participated in the spring magazine and The List: Handbook! We’re glad to see you in print!

Day Two of Convergence!

By Jenny Davis

Jane and The Partner Marketing Group team are finishing up day two of the Convergence Expo right…now!

It’s been a great two days, meeting customers and Partners! If you are at Convergence and would like a copy of The List: Handbook or The Partner Channel Magazine (or would just like to stop by and say hi), please stop by booth 1324 tomorrow. We’d love to see you!

Day One of Convergence 2009 New Orleans!

By Jenny Davis

The event begins today! If you’re in New Orleans for Convergence, please stop by booth 1324 when the expo opens this afternoon. The List: Handbook will be there. The Virtual Expo will be there. Jane Olson and team members from The Partner Marketing Group will be there.

Now we just need you!

In other news…did you know we’re giving away Flip video camcorders to people who register with our fishbowl in the Virtual Expo? Head on over right now! We’re accepting registrations (one per day!) through March 31 and will choose a winner on April 1.

See You at Convergence!

By Jenny Davis

Only one day until our debut as an Exhibitor Sponsor of Convergence 2009 New Orleans! We’re so excited to meet Partners and customers at the event, and hope you’ll stop by booth 1324 to visit Jane Olson and team members from The Partner Marketing Group.

You’ll have the opportunity to win a Flip video camcorder by visiting our booths. Booths, you say? That’s right! Register live at our Convergence booth and via the fishbowl in The Partner Channel’s booth in the Virtual Expo!

We’ll also have copies of The List: Handbook and The Partner Channel Magazine available at our booth.

See you soon!

Tired of Surprises? Switch from Reactive to Proactive Mode

By Tracy Faleide

It’s been a year full of surprises. The global financial crisis is the first one that comes to mind; your bill at the end of a quick trip through the grocery store is another. With a few exceptions – like finding a wadded up 20-dollar bill in your pants pocket or getting an unexpected tax rebate – we’ve become accustomed to surprises that are mostly bad in nature. Not only does this sap our energy, but it also eats away at one of our best characteristics as a nation: optimism. I say it’s time to fight back by once again turning seemingly insurmountable odds to our favor. As I see it, the easiest way to do this is to take charge by getting out of reactive mode and moving to proactive mode. Read more »

It’s Your EQ, Not Your IQ, That Counts: Seven Sales Strategies to Deflect an Economic Downturn

By Joe Mechlinski

Economic cycles are inevitable. What’s not inevitable is whether you have the emotional intelligence to succeed regardless of circumstances. This article will explain how developing and utilizing emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), more than intelligence quotient (IQ), can position your team to make wins inevitable during an economic downturn. Read more »

Thinking Small Can Generate Big Results

By Jenny Davis

As I talk with printers, list brokers, lead gen telemarketing providers, and others around the country these days, I’m hearing that activity is dropping off sharply from Partners. Hopefully, this article will get those of you in the “safe mode” back out on the street, marketing harder and smarter than ever. I know there’s business to be had, but it simply won’t walk in your front door on its own. Read more »

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