A “Little Mark” on The Microsoft Dynamics Community

Nicole Helm

By Nicole Helm, Rockton Software

When Bethany asked those in The Genius Series to write this essay, I had such a hard time to think about how to write about my journey as a marketer. I’d like to say I knew I wanted to have a career in marketing when I was in college, but that wasn’t the case. I was going to school to be a teacher, thinking I wanted to teach English as a second language.

Then, when I graduated, I was 20 years old, and Rockton Software hired me to solely do their social media. I’ve morphed into managing the majority of the marketing here. It’s been a whirlwind of learning. I can still say I’m learning to this day, every day, and even more this year, thanks to The Genius Series.

When I was first hired, (remember this is my first “real” job) our CEO tried to explain to me our five different products, what Microsoft Dynamics GP was, how we were an ISV, how ISVs are Partners but VARs are also Partners, and somehow Microsoft fits into all of this. I don’t think I retained anything. I just looked at my notes like I was reading French and nodded my head at all the right times.

Then came event season. GPUG Summit 2012 in Tampa was my first event that I attended. I was so nervous! I remember people would come up to the booth and I’d freeze. Was I supposed to talk to them? Why would they want to talk to me? Well, I eventually figured it out because now I’m going on my fourth GPUG Summit and planning events are my favorite part of the job.

I’d say the best part of my job revolves around the fact that I get to be creative. Being an English major in college really allows for blogs, social media, events, email marketing to come pretty naturally. But, I love the flexibility in marketing where you can try, try, try again, and generally expect more failures than successes.

My favorite marketing piece to date that I’ve done is Flat Mark at GPUG in St. Louis. The president of Rockton Software, Mark Rockwell, is pretty well known in the Dynamics community, so I thought “Hey, we get a bag drop . . . why not Flat Mark?”.Flat Mark

We dropped Flat Marks into each person’s bag, and those who tweeted or sent us a picture of it were entered to win 2 tickets to their favorite NFL team game. It was great, and a huge success! The interaction and response from it was more than expected.

As far as The Genius Series goes, I’m thankful for this year of learning. I have made some great connections with other unbelievable marketers. It’s been nice to connect with marketing peers and learn from their mistakes, as well as them learn from mine (and trust me I’ve made more than a few). It’s been a great sense of camaraderie and really trying to help each individual and company succeed.

I love the challenges marketing brings, and I continue to strive to make my little mark on the Dynamics Community.

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