Three Traits That Generate More Clicks

As we analyze newsletter engagement metrics from 2016, we have concluded that newsletter sponsors that had the following traits in their message generated more click-throughs. While these traits may not come as a shock, they are a great affirmation of what you’ve read in marketing articles through the years. Turns out these things really do work!

Want to optimize your advertising in 2017? Read on!

  1. Eye-catching graphic: This may be obvious, but those sponsors that changed up their logo or created a unique graphic for newsletter sponsorship received more interest. Now if your goal of sponsorship is to make people more aware of your company and company logo, then by all means, stick to the normal company description and logo, but don’t expect much for click-throughs. If you want to engage the audience a tad more, add a pop of color or a tagline that invokes emotion, but make sure it’s cohesive with your brand.
  2. Call to action: Going to your website to learn more about you as a company is not the bait many people take anymore. Now, going to your website to learn more about a webinar that pertains to them or to read an interesting article will definitely increase the chances of click-through. Spice it up a bit by offering a promotion only to that audience and while you’re at it, add urgency by adding a deadline or by limiting the number of offers available.
  3. Relevancy: It goes without saying that relevancy is more important than ever and when you’re sponsoring our newsletter, for example, you’re speaking with Microsoft Dynamics ISVs, VARs, Microsoft team members, and community influencers. If what you’re offering speaks directly to this audience, the better chance they will click through. For example, launching a new Partner program or winning a Microsoft Dynamics award that other Partners should know about. Make your message relevant and think about why this audience would care to read it. (This is a good exercise to do in all your writing.)

We hope this helps you optimize your communications in 2017. If you’re interested in trying out our various media options, learn more on our website and contact Jane Olson at

By Bethany Foyt

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