The Day Has Come: Social Media Ranks Supreme

I knew there would come a time that social media would contribute to high referral web traffic, but I just didn’t realize it would be so drastic. In 2016, social media accounted for double the amount of traffic than in 2015.

What happened in the past year for our business to see such a major swing? You could say we’re posting more content, creating more value, and connecting with more like-minded people. All of that, I would say is true, but I think a few more things come into play.

The paradigm shift of ‘that’s just where people are’ has finally begun to affect us and maybe many more of you are seeing the same thing in your own marketing analysis.

Another major reason is social media is actually turning…social! It’s not about pushing out everything you offer under the sun; it’s about sharing, growing, learning, and networking with your professional community.

What does this mean for businesses, especially in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community? Take the time, effort, and resources to focus on a sound and consistent social media strategy. The analytics out there today are astounding, especially on Twitter. Thanks to Jon Rivers on our latest call of The Genius Series, I now know those metrics are available right within my Twitter account at no extra costs. Being able to see our top tweets and top mentions, we can better plan how to engage and who to engage with on a regular basis.

He and our mentor, Brooke Webb Smith from Edgewater Fullscope, also shared something we here at The Partner Channel have learned to be true over this past year: post on your LinkedIn and Twitter personal profiles. People do business with people and having that personal brand awareness is key to getting noticed on social media.

This analysis is an interesting shift in the ever-changing world of B2B marketing! Please comment on whether you’ve seen social media rank supreme in your own marketing and how you plan to optimize it moving forward.

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