Pain Free at the DMV

Did anyone smirk after reading that?

I went to the DMV this morning to renew my license (it expires on Saturday – I like to live on the edge) and was half expecting to stand in line for 30 minutes to then find out that I didn’t bring all the necessary paperwork.

I pulled up to their office and had an immediate sense of relief to see that there were just a handful of cars in the parking lot. Excellent!

Inside the office I noticed signs posted up, down, and all around which detailed what I needed for a license renewal. Turns out all I needed was my current license – check. Should I have needed something else (which would have hopefully been stowed in the car), it was great to know before actually getting in line.

My next treat was seeing the “Express Lane”, which is for people who just need to renew their license. I walked right in, gave the clerk my license, and filled out the renewal form. A quick eye check (I’m glad they didn’t do the “which block is most black” thing because I always overanalyze that one) and I headed over to take a new photo.

I’m not sure about your DMV, but our Fargo office processes the new license while you’re standing there, which is terrific for people who are close to their license’s expiration date (growing up in Minnesota I had to wait about a month for my first license – it was agony!).

The clerks were friendly, my picture isn’t too shabby, and I was out the door about 10 minutes from arrival.

All these little things added up to a pretty great experience – literally something to write home about since you’re reading this blog post – and I thought about how all the little things add up in our industry.

Do we make it easy to do business? Share information that our customers need? Greet them warmly? Thank them for their time?

So there you have it, pain free at the DMV.

Of course, it could have helped that I didn’t go over lunch…

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