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SEO: DIY or N-O-T?

By Peter Joeckel

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Spring 2014 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

VAR marketing: DIY (do it yourself) or ship it out? That is the question of the day. For everyone with the attention span of a rooster on crack, the Twitter answer is ship it out unless you have a lot of money or can afford to hire Anya C (if you have to ask…retire now).

For everyone else, I think the question is not one of DIY versus shipping it out, but rather this: Can you afford to market your business effectively on the web? Or are you just wasting money like back in the trade show days where you attended just because not being there seemed to be worse than the fact that they generated no business.

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Industry Marketing: Is it Worth the Investment?

By Cheryl Salazar

At The Partner Marketing Group, we are asked this question time and again. This article is not meant to be a definitive guide to industry marketing but offers a few good reasons why you should invest in it and provides a few pointers to get you started. For those resellers who have already made the investment, hopefully the tips help you gain better traction in your chosen industry.

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The Partner Channel Membership Rewards

By Bethany Foyt

By signing up for The Partner Channel Membership Rewards, you get the best of The Partner Channel with more magazines, discounts on The Genius Series, and more! Check out a visual short-list of benefits and then visit for a full list of benefits:

Membership Rewards 2015

How Going Vertical Saved My Company

By Chris Elmore

I have learned a lot of lessons in my time in business. I feel fortunate to have helped two companies start from the ground floor during my career. I would like to write about how I did everything the right way, and how the success of the company I work for today is directly a result of my skills, but that wouldn’t be true.  There is an expression, “I would rather be lucky than smart.” I am a firm believer in that adage, as it is essentially luck with some splashes of logic that have led me to where I am today. In the 15 years that I have been with my company, there are three major things that luckily happened right when the company needed them to in order to create demand in the marketplace for the software we sold: (1) SaaS, (2) Enron, and (3) real estate.

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Rethinking Business Videos

By Peter Matejcek

Businesses know that video plays an important role in marketing communications, but producing a good video is complex and costly. Or is it? My mission is to show you how to produce videos for your business quickly, easily, and most importantly, on a budget. I get it. I’ve dealt with all of the issues you face when trying to create a marketing video: Finite marketing budgets, no time to sit down and write a script, no one from the company wants to be on camera, and no one knows where to start! Typically, businesses approach video the way Hollywood does: More is more. While this philosophy might work for blockbusters, it’s sure to fail when applied to business videos. Your prospects and customers don’t want to sit through a two-hour long epic. They want valuable content, and they want it in three minutes or less. How can you deliver videos that will drive conversion and lead generation? Read on.

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How Fake People Deliver Real Results

By Adrianne Machina

Do you know Sam the Sales Guy, Ann from Accounting, and Mike in Manufacturing? To improve
your sales and marketing efforts, you need to get to know these people intimately – after you
create them.

Sam, Ann, and Mike aren’t real people. They are the names of personas who represent real
people. Personas are fictional characters who are a composite of real-world people and who
illustrate the values, goals, and behaviors of your typical ideal clients.

These “fake people” can make or break your sales and marketing success.

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By Peter Joeckel

by Peter Joeckel

Okay…so the title of this article is not really a hashtag that you see in the Microsoft Dynamics channel, but it would be if people were not big fraidy-cats. More specifically the hashtag would be #ScrewedAgainByMicrosoft.

Let me explain.

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What the #Hashtag Am I Supposed to Do?!

By Barbara Pfeiffer

by Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

A whole magazine with a hashtag theme? What else could you need? Well, if you’re not really active in social media, probably a little more information about what they are and why they are so important.

If your experience with hashtags is #Sharknado or the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake video (look up “Jimmy Fallon hashtag” on YouTube; really – do it – it’s pretty funny), then you probably are wondering why you should care.

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#ShareYourHashtags: Thanks Adrianne Machina!

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Fall 2014 Issue is on the way to your desks and is all about the hashtag. Fellow Partner community members have shared their hashtag thoughts with us to get the excitement started. The stories below are from our friend, Adrianne Machina at Tornado Marketing– thanks for sharing!

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#ShareYourHashtags: Thanks CAL Business Solutions

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Fall 2014 Issue is on the way to your desks and is all about the hashtag. Fellow Partners have shared their hashtag thoughts with us to get the excitement started. The paragraph below is from our friends at CAL Business Solutions– thanks for sharing!

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