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By Bethany Foyt

Final eBook ImageFrom fixing failed marketing campaigns to great collaborative marketing ideas, this past year of marketing expertise can now be yours within the very first Marketing eBook from The Partner Channel Magazine.

In addition to all the great 2015 marketing articles from industry experts, readers will enjoy a “look forward” from our eBook sponsor, Crestwood Associates.

Implement best practices from this eBook for a stellar year of marketing in 2016. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the experts featured in the eBook next year.

Why Change?

By Chris Elmore

This article by Chris Elmore was published in The Partner Channel Magazine Winter 2016 Issue. Check out more articles about embracing change by downloading your online copy here.

I have a unique perspective on change. On one hand, I counsel salespeople to help their clients make a big change in the way they do business. On the other, I help accounting and finance people change a process they have known their entire business life. Given those facts, my professional life is dedicated to helping people change. Personally, I don’t like change and find it very difficult. Until recently, whenever change came up in my personal or professional life, my initial reaction was simply, “NO!”

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Building and Leveraging College Connections to Secure New Talent

By Tracey Kantrud (Laqua)

As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, you are likely all too familiar with the challenges of finding new talent to sustain and expand your business. The candidates are few and far between, and attracting experienced hires to your organization can be an

Academy 2expensive proposition. More and more of the top-performing Microsoft Dynamics Partners are focusing on bringing in net-new, junior resources by making recruiting new college graduates a priority. Getting the best talent – and getting those candidates early – is key to expanding not only your business, but also the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

“We know from our work with Partners large and small that focusing on college recruiting pays off,” says Katie Hasbargen, worldwide program lead for the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance.

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A Cautionary Tale

By Peter Joeckel

The original title of this article was going to be, “How I wasted over a year of my business life trying to educate a start-up technology company on how to enter the Microsoft Dynamics channel, and in the process become fabulously wealthy but instead wasted my time and now have nothing to show for my efforts…not even a t-shirt”.

Evidently the problem with that title was that it would be too difficult to create the accompanying illustration for the magazine.

Editor’s note (not really, it’s my own, but that sounds more important): The names of the dumb and mortified have been changed to protect the guilty. Oh wait…never mind…my name is right there as the author!

Twitter generation article synopsis: Just because you build a better mousetrap the world will not beat a path to your door, not if you do everything else wrong.

A little background music, please.

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You’re In My Sandbox! Why Collaboration Sometimes Doesn’t Work

By Pam McGee

The Beatles were successful because they collaborated at the right time, with the right music, and the right talent. Space travel is a huge collaborative success story. The United States, Russia, the European Union, and China are not only sharing the same vision, but they are also collaborating on resources and equipment. Integrative software where ISVs, retailers, and Microsoft collaborate on an end-to-end solution to the customer is often a success story. Beware, collaboration doesn’t always work, and it certainly doesn’t always result in positive ROI, satisfied employees, loyal customers, and timely results.

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Summer EBook Writing

By Adrianne Machina

Okay, summer may be coming to an end, but we here at The Partner Channel are in denial.

Here’s another great article from The Partner Channel Magazine Summer 2015 issue by Adrianne Machina. Read the full magazine here:

Going With Our Gut

By Bonnie Robertson

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Fall 2012 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

It is interesting what shapes our lives and decisions. 

Crises survived in childhood.  Encouragement given from others.  Ordinary people providing us with extraordinary insights. Sometimes driven by fear, other times by inspiration, how these events and people weave their way into our decision making is not always obvious.  It took me years to realize that the first entrepreneur I was ever captivated by was my own father.  He was an industrious farmer and rancher and a reputable cattle buyer.

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Don’t Think, Just Write. Then Act.

By Tracy Faleide

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Summer 2014 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

Remember sniglets? (They’re neologisms or newly-coined terms on their way to being accepted into mainstream language. They were all the rage in the late ’80s.) I think there should be a sniglet for the time between feeling something isn’t right, to taking action. Hmmmm. What could we call that?

  • Denialation (denial + duration)
  • Worsera (worse + era)
  • Hinderquarter (self-evident)

No matter what you call it, we all have been negatively impacted by the space between suspecting and correcting. Since we know how painful these timespans can be for everyone involved, why don’t we do something about it?

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Workplace 2.0: The New Reality

By Pam McGee

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Fall 2013 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

It’s not about workspaces, hierarchy, benefits, pay, vacation time, promotions, or even titles anymore. The new workplace is different; however, different doesn’t mean deficient. Think about it – the world of work has access to more information 24/7, more diversity, more technology, more college graduates, more flexibility to work virtually, more generations in the workplaces, global span and local depth, broad and viral communication channels like social media, tele-presence workers, green and sustainability expectations (it’s no longer an option in most cases), highly educated customers, shifting healthcare needs and provisions, different buying habits and patterns (for heaven’s sake, more cars are bought on than at the local car dealer), on-demand TV (commercials are a thing of yesterday), on-demand information (who reads the paper…when you want information, you get it, you don’t let someone else determine it), and employees that are just not like they used to be or maybe just have a different way of thinking about their role in your company. With all that opportunity, how does a company successfully drive company performance, exceed customer expectations, and create a satisfied and engaged workforce?

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Are Your Customers Collecting Dust?

By Michelle Glennie

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Spring 2011 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

What is a customer? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a customer is defined as one that purchases a commodity or service. When I think of this definition, I realize it’s truly how most companies treat their customers. When a sale is complete, our prospects become our customers and are entered into our enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), or point-of-sale (POS) system as “customers”.  Depending upon the product or service that you sell, you may have some interaction with new customers for the first few days, weeks, or months.  Your customer service team may have in-depth knowledge about these customers during the initial phase of the relationship, but how much do you continue to learn about your customers after they get past the initial sale?  Are they  “collecting dust” in your database while you continue to work on new business?  If so, you may be missing a lot of opportunity.

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