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Full-Service Project Management

By Pam McGee

Get out of the details, keep it simple, and get the work done!

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “full-service”? I think of a full-service gas station where I would go with my grandpa or a full-service spa where I went with my friend Kathy in Vegas (no more about Vegas).

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Congratulations to the 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Partner Recognition Recipients!

By Bethany Foyt

Congratulations to the 2016 Regional and WPC Award winners and finalists and newly named Inner Circle and President’s Club members!

You can view a full list of the 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Partner Recognition recipients on PartnerSource as well as printed in the fall edition of The Partner Channel Magazine.

Let’s Keep Working Together!

By Bethany Foyt

Jane celebrated her 11th year at The Partner Channel last month and she wants the Microsoft Dynamics community to keep working together.

A great example of this is through The List. We have over 100 Partners participating in The List. Over 90% have been in The List since the beginning and those that may have left to try other marketing tactics come back to The List because it’s targeted, cost effective, and in front of Partners AND Users every quarter through The Partner Channel Magazine and the User Group Magazines.

Listen in how The List and other Partner Channel offerings can help you get connected with other Partners…

The Partner Channel Magazine Summer 2016 Issue: The Total Package

By Bethany Foyt

How much time have you spent on thinking about what it takes to become the total package for your customers?Summer 2016 Image

The Partner Channel Magazine has you covered! Read the Summer 2016 issue for tips on rounding out your business processes, industry expertise, your own roster, and more!

Celebrating the Best of The Partner Channel Magazine

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Spring 2016 issue is hitting desks near and far highlighting a few of the best features, long-standing business tips, and more.

The Partner Channel team shares their magazine favorites below. What article has made an impression on you over the years? Please comment below!

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Lead The Way!

By Bethany Foyt

“Leadership is the person you are and the influence and impact you have on other people.”  Jamie HunterLeadership eBook Image

Yes, leadership is a broad term but one that’s so critical to the success of businesses, professionals, and…the world!

If you’re feeling your own leadership skills need a boost, we have you covered with The Partner Channel Magazine Leadership eBook. Download your copy to apply tried and true ways of great leaders to make a difference in who you are and the influence you have on others.

Lead the way!


Three Reasons to Download The Partner Channel Magazine Leadership eBook

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Leadership eBook holds five articles focused onLeadership eBook Image the most important leadership characteristics GREAT leaders possess! Here are three reasons why you’ll want to download your copy…today:

  1. Inspirational quotes from leaders of the past introduce each article
  2. Our eBook sponsor, Concur, shares valuable tips on providing the right leadership tools
  3. A special bonus characteristic sheds light on how being a constant learner can make you a better leader

eBooks for the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Masses

By Bethany Foyt

We’ve had such a great response with our first Marketing eBook that we’re getting ready to launch a Leadership eBook right before Envision.

Before this next one comes your way, make sure to download your copy of The Partner Channel Magazine Marketing eBook today!

Celebrate Awards Season With The Best Of The Partner Channel Magazine

By Bethany Foyt

Just like the Hollywood stars, our magazine contributors have achieved greatness over the years and we want to hear from you with nominations for…

  • The most valuable contributor
  • Hands down, the best article
  • The most entertaining contributor
  • The most helpful resource
  • Best Partner feature
  • Best issue ever!

The results will be shared in The Partner Channel Magazine Spring 2016 Issue, so get your votes in today!

You can even get social by snapping a picture of your favorite cover and posting it on social media with #TPCMag to receive a Starbucks gift card. Ready, set, shoot!

Three Reasons to Download The Partner Channel Magazine Marketing eBook

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Marketing eBook has an entire year of marketing expertise at your fingertips! Here are three reasons why you’ll want to download your copy…today:

  1. Don’t recreate the wheel. Learn from the past and from experts in the Microsoft Dynamics community.
  2. Have quick access to all marketing articles from 2015 in ONE spot.
  3. Check out an exclusive “Look Forward” from our eBook sponsor, Crestwood Associates, to see how marketing in 2016 is evolving and will change how we market.
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    The Partner Channel Magazine is very cool. I read it thoroughly every time, great content and really great design of the content!
    - Wolfgang Wolf, NAVAX Consulting GmbH