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Social Media: Love it, hate it, love to hate it?

By Bethany Foyt

Cover ShotThe most recent #MakeItDyn report: Generational Look at Social Media, opened my eyes to different perspectives on social media. Speaking with professionals about how they use social media and whether they like it or not got me thinking…how do I feel about it?

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The Day Has Come: Social Media Ranks Supreme

By Bethany Foyt

I knew there would come a time that social media would contribute to high referral web traffic, but I just didn’t realize it would be so drastic. In 2016, social media accounted for double the amount of traffic than in 2015.

What happened in the past year for our business to see such a major swing? You could say we’re posting more content, creating more value, and connecting with more like-minded people. All of that, I would say is true, but I think a few more things come into play.

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Celebrate Awards Season With The Best Of The Partner Channel Magazine

By Bethany Foyt

Just like the Hollywood stars, our magazine contributors have achieved greatness over the years and we want to hear from you with nominations for…

  • The most valuable contributor
  • Hands down, the best article
  • The most entertaining contributor
  • The most helpful resource
  • Best Partner feature
  • Best issue ever!

The results will be shared in The Partner Channel Magazine Spring 2016 Issue, so get your votes in today!

You can even get social by snapping a picture of your favorite cover and posting it on social media with #TPCMag to receive a Starbucks gift card. Ready, set, shoot!

Three Reasons to Download The Partner Channel Magazine Marketing eBook

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Marketing eBook has an entire year of marketing expertise at your fingertips! Here are three reasons why you’ll want to download your copy…today:

  1. Don’t recreate the wheel. Learn from the past and from experts in the Microsoft Dynamics community.
  2. Have quick access to all marketing articles from 2015 in ONE spot.
  3. Check out an exclusive “Look Forward” from our eBook sponsor, Crestwood Associates, to see how marketing in 2016 is evolving and will change how we market.

Summer EBook Writing

By Adrianne Machina

Okay, summer may be coming to an end, but we here at The Partner Channel are in denial.

Here’s another great article from The Partner Channel Magazine Summer 2015 issue by Adrianne Machina. Read the full magazine here:

SEO: DIY or N-O-T?

By Peter Joeckel

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Spring 2014 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

VAR marketing: DIY (do it yourself) or ship it out? That is the question of the day. For everyone with the attention span of a rooster on crack, the Twitter answer is ship it out unless you have a lot of money or can afford to hire Anya C (if you have to ask…retire now).

For everyone else, I think the question is not one of DIY versus shipping it out, but rather this: Can you afford to market your business effectively on the web? Or are you just wasting money like back in the trade show days where you attended just because not being there seemed to be worse than the fact that they generated no business.

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Social Media Tips to Prepare for 2015

By Bethany Foyt

SocialOur friends over at The Partner Marketing Group posted a great blog about “Ensuring Social Media Success in 2015“. From getting your images, icons, and banners ready for the year to making sure your profiles are up-to-date and keyword-ready, getting your social media “ducks in a row” just got a whole lot easier with this blog post!

Check it out here:


What the #Hashtag Am I Supposed to Do?!

By Barbara Pfeiffer

by Barbara Pfeiffer, The Partner Marketing Group

A whole magazine with a hashtag theme? What else could you need? Well, if you’re not really active in social media, probably a little more information about what they are and why they are so important.

If your experience with hashtags is #Sharknado or the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake video (look up “Jimmy Fallon hashtag” on YouTube; really – do it – it’s pretty funny), then you probably are wondering why you should care.

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#ShareYourHashtags: Thanks Adrianne Machina!

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Fall 2014 Issue is on the way to your desks and is all about the hashtag. Fellow Partner community members have shared their hashtag thoughts with us to get the excitement started. The stories below are from our friend, Adrianne Machina at Tornado Marketing– thanks for sharing!

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#ShareYourHashtags: Thanks CAL Business Solutions

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel Magazine Fall 2014 Issue is on the way to your desks and is all about the hashtag. Fellow Partners have shared their hashtag thoughts with us to get the excitement started. The paragraph below is from our friends at CAL Business Solutions– thanks for sharing!

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