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Keeping it Short

By Jenny Davis

You know what KISS stands for, right?

“Keep It Short and Sweet” or if you prefer, “Keep It Short, Stupid.” I heard the best story about that acronym from a Priest. Read more »

Identify More Prospects Now!

By Cheryl Strege

What are the “triggers” that prompt a company to start looking for new ERP or CRM software? It could be a merger or acquisition. It could be a new product, new management, or a new challenge. It might even be a recession.

Regardless of the reason, change is good for you in terms of prospecting. Whenever a company is going through a major change of some sort, it can trigger a change in their processes, and consequently, a change in their ERP or CRM solution. But how do you know when that type of change takes place? Read more »

Trust Lessons from Pho Ga

By Jenny Davis

A Vietnamese Restaurant restored my faith in customer service. Read more »

No Complaints Here

By Cheryl Strege

As a marketer who works with Microsoft Dynamics® Partners, I can honestly say I’ve never been able to complain about a shortage of marketing services, tools, or resources when working with Microsoft. (Of course, I can complain about other things like the cold weather, my aching back, my dismal 401(K), but not about marketing.) No doubt there is something for everyone, from “turnkey” type options – if you’re short on time and manpower – to a wide variety of self-service options for those organizations that have the desire to personalize and customize their marketing messages for various audiences. Read more »

Check out the Addictionary

By Jenny Davis

Now this is a riot. Marketing professionals are getting together to come up with their own terms, definitions, and usages at

Step aside, Webster.

Underdog Marketing

By Richard Mattson

When you’re under siege – a place many resellers find themselves in this off-the-cliff economy – you’ll find advice at every turn about what you should and should not do with your marketing dollars, what works and doesn’t work in recessionary times, and more. Much of it is very good and useful, to be sure (for example, check out the “Additional Resources” at the end of this article). An ardent and persistent plea is to not cut your marketing budget, a plea that sounds to some like functional myopia from those who know nothing about other business expense realities. The fact is, under revenue pressure, the marketing budget often must take a hit along with everything else. How do you make the most out of what you can retain? Read more »

Top 10 Things You Should do in Your Business

By Jenny Davis
  1. Never answer your phone or call your customers back. If you should happen to answer the phone during a weak moment, lie and say you’ve been calling them back for ages and can never get through.
  2. Stop marketing! With the current economic situation, you should stop doing everything until it’s over. Prospects won’t find you, but at least you’ll save a few bucks.
  3. Post your rants about annoying customers on your company blog or Twitter feed.
  4. When talking with your customers, show your technical expertise by using acronyms and high-tech vocabulary. 
  5. Don’t post a phone number or e-mail address on your company Web site. If customers need to get a hold of you, they should already have your number.
  6. It’s always user error. Your product is amazing and your customers just don’t “get” you.
  7. Nurture marketing – who needs it? Your customers should call you when they want an upgrade or have a question.
  8. Marketing offers should address the technical features of your products. Prospects should be able to figure out why those features are important.
  9. Hire temp staff to cover the phone lines after your company participates in a tradeshow as the phones will be ringing off the hook! 
  10. Incorporate catch phrases like “As your trusted advisor”, “ROI”, “best practices”, and “rich, out of the box functionality” into every customer conversation.
  11. Bonus: Grab a grain of salt and check the publish date on this post.

Social Media Marketing: Get on Board!

By Adrianne Machina

In the last couple of years, a monumental shift has occurred online with the advent of Web 2.0 and social media marketing. Many companies are waking up to find themselves in a whole new world where they don’t know the language, the customs, or how to make friends. If that describes you, then today I’d like to be your Web 2.0 tour guide.  Read more »

Thinking Small Can Generate Big Results

By Jenny Davis

As I talk with printers, list brokers, lead gen telemarketing providers, and others around the country these days, I’m hearing that activity is dropping off sharply from Partners. Hopefully, this article will get those of you in the “safe mode” back out on the street, marketing harder and smarter than ever. I know there’s business to be had, but it simply won’t walk in your front door on its own. Read more »

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