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The Partner Channel and Dynamic Partner Connections Collaborate to Offer More Learning Opportunities

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel has hosted a sales, marketing, and leadership-focused event from 2004 to 2012 called The Partner Event, and then hosted The Partner Connections Event with Dynamic Partner Connections in 2013 and 2014. Now The Partner Channel and Dynamic Partner Communities are collaborating in a new way to provide training and educational sessions specifically for Microsoft Dynamics Partners at PreGAME to Summit this October 12-13 in Reno, NV and The Partner Channel is offering The Genius Series: Marketers Excel into Geniuses starting this September. Read the full press release here.

Get Involved in The Genius Series!

By Bethany Foyt

Whether you want to build you knowledge, share your wisdom, or help your peers in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community, there is a way to participate in The Genius Series! Click the image below to download The Genius Series Participation Chart and contact Jenny at to get involved.

We’re still accepting applications to The Genius Series: Marketers Excel into Geniuses which starts this September. Apply today!

The Genius Series Participation Chart

Are Your Customers Collecting Dust?

By Michelle Glennie

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Spring 2011 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

What is a customer? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a customer is defined as one that purchases a commodity or service. When I think of this definition, I realize it’s truly how most companies treat their customers. When a sale is complete, our prospects become our customers and are entered into our enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), or point-of-sale (POS) system as “customers”.  Depending upon the product or service that you sell, you may have some interaction with new customers for the first few days, weeks, or months.  Your customer service team may have in-depth knowledge about these customers during the initial phase of the relationship, but how much do you continue to learn about your customers after they get past the initial sale?  Are they  “collecting dust” in your database while you continue to work on new business?  If so, you may be missing a lot of opportunity.

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Should You Apply to The Genius Series for Marketers?

By Bethany Foyt

2015 marks the first year of our educational program for Microsoft Dynamics Partners. The Genius Series is dedicated to helping marketers develop professionally as well as on a personal level, meeting with peers and learning from the best in the industry.

Because this is a new offering in the channel, we understand there are questions and the first one we want to help you answer is whether you’re a good fit for the program. Follow the infographic below and email Bethany Foyt at if you have any more questions that need answering…


The Genius Series Infographic

Industry Marketing: Is it Worth the Investment?

By Cheryl Salazar

At The Partner Marketing Group, we are asked this question time and again. This article is not meant to be a definitive guide to industry marketing but offers a few good reasons why you should invest in it and provides a few pointers to get you started. For those resellers who have already made the investment, hopefully the tips help you gain better traction in your chosen industry.

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How Going Vertical Saved My Company

By Chris Elmore

I have learned a lot of lessons in my time in business. I feel fortunate to have helped two companies start from the ground floor during my career. I would like to write about how I did everything the right way, and how the success of the company I work for today is directly a result of my skills, but that wouldn’t be true.  There is an expression, “I would rather be lucky than smart.” I am a firm believer in that adage, as it is essentially luck with some splashes of logic that have led me to where I am today. In the 15 years that I have been with my company, there are three major things that luckily happened right when the company needed them to in order to create demand in the marketplace for the software we sold: (1) SaaS, (2) Enron, and (3) real estate.

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I’m a Genius! The First Genius (Mini) Series a Success at Convergence 2015

By Bethany Foyt

First Class TGMS 2015We had a fabulous time at the first Genius (Mini) Series and had a dynamic group of about twenty Microsoft Dynamics ISVs and VARs join us while at Convergence 2015.

Thank you attendees and The Partner Marketing Group for sharing their genius with us! Read more about the event here.


Feeding the Content Machine: When You Think You Have Nothing to Write About

By Anya Ciecierski

Although this new age of content marketing suits me very well, there are still times when I long for the good old days of direct mail when I could drop the letters in the mailbox and have the satisfaction that the job was “done”.  Now, if I post on one blog, I could post on three more. If I send five tweets, I could send 10 more.  The demand for fresh, new content is never-ending. It is like a hungry content machine that is never satisfied.

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New Microsoft Dynamics Partner Learning Opportunity

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel has offered Microsoft Dynamics Partners learning opportunities in the form of The Partner Event, The Partner Channel Magazine, and Membership for the past 10 years. In an effort to continue providing value for this group of Partners, The Partner Channel is releasing a new opportunity for personal and professional development.

The Genius Series is an exclusive learning opportunity for Microsoft Dynamics Partners with a year-round curriculum around sales, marketing, and leadership topics. Students will participate in a monthly webinar class to build camaraderie with their peers while absorbing industry expertise that’s applicable to their daily tasks.

Read the full press release here.

Rethinking Business Videos

By Peter Matejcek

Businesses know that video plays an important role in marketing communications, but producing a good video is complex and costly. Or is it? My mission is to show you how to produce videos for your business quickly, easily, and most importantly, on a budget. I get it. I’ve dealt with all of the issues you face when trying to create a marketing video: Finite marketing budgets, no time to sit down and write a script, no one from the company wants to be on camera, and no one knows where to start! Typically, businesses approach video the way Hollywood does: More is more. While this philosophy might work for blockbusters, it’s sure to fail when applied to business videos. Your prospects and customers don’t want to sit through a two-hour long epic. They want valuable content, and they want it in three minutes or less. How can you deliver videos that will drive conversion and lead generation? Read on.

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