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Why Smart People do Dumb Things

By Pam McGee

Read any headline, and it is not uncommon to see a story about someone (usually a leader) who has done something that makes no sense. The headlines replay the Enron scam, the debacle of Wall Street, New York Governor Spitzer and his prostitution ring, President Clinton and Monica, President Bush getting a shoe thrown at him, and many more. On the other hand, one doesn’t have to read the headlines to experience smart people doing dumb things. I have been a patron of this little coffee shop for years. They know me by name. They serve pretty good coffee. They are reasonably faster than the competition. Why would the coffee shop owner implement a new software system that doubles customer wait time and impersonalizes the once personal customer experience?  Last week at my doctor’s office, they automated the prescription writing process to save the patient time. Instead of having the doctor hand-write my prescription, which I took to the pharmacy and had filled in 15 minutes, they have an automated system where the doctor sends my prescription directly to the pharmacy, but I can’t pick it up for 24 to 48 hours. Does that make sense? Read more »

Get Your Inexpensive Plane Ticket to The Partner Event

By Brianne Carlsrud

Are you making plans to attend The Partner Event on September 20-22? Get rock-bottom fares from just $68+ roundtrip from Expedia! The sale ends today, Tuesday, July 14. Visit www.expedia.com to book your flight and save money on your trip to Fargo, ND!

The Partner Event Content

By Brianne Carlsrud

We are proud to announce that the session content for The Partner Event is now live! Click here to view all the Sales, Marketing, and Leadership tracks that we have in store for you for this year’s event.

Thank you to the many Partners who participated in the first ever session ranking for The Partner Event 2009!

Time to Bake the Content

By Jenny Davis

It’s event content review time!

I’d like to extend the opportunity for you to review the content and provide feedback regarding the sessions of most interest to you, comments to make the sessions better, and, if applicable, topic ideas you feel are missing from this listing.

Contact Tracys@thepartnerchannel.com if you’re interested in participating in the first ever session ranking for The Partner Event!

Your feedback will directly impact the content at The Partner Event 2009 and we look forward to hosting you in Fargo, September 20-22.

The Teacher Will Appear When the Student is Ready

By Jenny Davis

I have session content on the brain right now. The Partner Event is coming up in September, and I’m working with our awesome crop of speakers (past and future) to create a line up that will knock your socks off.

I’ve been looking through content ideas and wanted to throw a few your way…  Read more »

Let the Registering Begin!

By Jenny Davis

I’m excited to share that registration for The Partner Event 2009 is now open!

Register Now!

Partners who attend the 2009 event will receive:

  • Coaching from industry experts on sales, marketing, and leadership skills that will help them re-focus and implement key business strategies
  • Tips from fellow Partners as to what is working in their own businesses to drive leads, sales, and customer references
  • Insight from our Keynote Speakers as far as what the industry future holds and how to prepare for the coming change
  • And – of course – more!

Register by June 15 and you’ll receive the Super Early Bird discounted registration for $450.

Click the “Register Now” icon above or check out The Partner Event page for more information.

Trust Lessons from Pho Ga

By Jenny Davis

A Vietnamese Restaurant restored my faith in customer service. Read more »

Don’t Assume It; Earn It

By Spider Johnk

Maybe it’s because I’m an ad guy. Maybe not. But remember the TV and print ad campaign from a couple of decades ago where the model/spokesperson admonishes,  “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” WHAT? A person is right there on TV making claim to an attribute that may or may not be shared by the viewer. Let alone that such an admonishment is just not done! Thinking you are beautiful is one thing (no, I have not had the experience personally) but acknowledging it is quite another. Who brought this person up? Movie stars? Hand models? I remember sitting there thinking she probably just alienated 80 percent of the audience who were having thoughts like, “Now I am going to hate you. I didn’t before because I don’t know you. But now I know enough. I DO hate you.” Then I realized that the product company probably didn’t care since the remaining 20 percent could serve them just fine. Who knows? Read more »

But Everyone Else is Doing It

By Bonnie Robertson

If everyone else was jumping off the bridge, would you do it, too? 

Somewhere, in some far-off conference or seminar, parents decided that this adage should mean something to us as children. My father used it on me, and I in turn used it on my own children. The odd thing is that where I grew up, there weren’t any bridges, so I could never really figure out what bridge he was talking about.

Most recently, in listening to the news media intently and watching the continual dismal economic news, this much overused phrase has come to mind. Maybe because all I hear is, “everyone else…is losing money, laying off people, looking for government bailouts…” The list of excuses for poor strategic focuses, not looking forward, only backward, and greed continue on, all rolled up into a political economic crisis. Read more »

Top 10 Things You Should do in Your Business

By Jenny Davis
  1. Never answer your phone or call your customers back. If you should happen to answer the phone during a weak moment, lie and say you’ve been calling them back for ages and can never get through.
  2. Stop marketing! With the current economic situation, you should stop doing everything until it’s over. Prospects won’t find you, but at least you’ll save a few bucks.
  3. Post your rants about annoying customers on your company blog or Twitter feed.
  4. When talking with your customers, show your technical expertise by using acronyms and high-tech vocabulary. 
  5. Don’t post a phone number or e-mail address on your company Web site. If customers need to get a hold of you, they should already have your number.
  6. It’s always user error. Your product is amazing and your customers just don’t “get” you.
  7. Nurture marketing – who needs it? Your customers should call you when they want an upgrade or have a question.
  8. Marketing offers should address the technical features of your products. Prospects should be able to figure out why those features are important.
  9. Hire temp staff to cover the phone lines after your company participates in a tradeshow as the phones will be ringing off the hook! 
  10. Incorporate catch phrases like “As your trusted advisor”, “ROI”, “best practices”, and “rich, out of the box functionality” into every customer conversation.
  11. Bonus: Grab a grain of salt and check the publish date on this post.
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