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Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis is the president of The Partner Channel and responsible for The Partner Channel Magazine, The Partner Event, and communication platforms such as the Web site, newsletters, and Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/partnerchannel). Jenny has been with The Partner Channel since August 2004 and loves working with Partners, seeing them at events, and pulling together sales, marketing, and leadership-focused content that can make a positive impact on their organizations. Prior to joining The Partner Channel, Jenny was an Event Manager for Microsoft Business Solutions/Microsoft and held logistical management roles for events including Convergence, Stampede, WPC, BBC, Tech Conference, TechEd, 100% Club, and Inner Circle.

My Articles:

Dynasource: The Value of Connections

By Jenny Davis


I’ll admit it. The first time I heard “Dynasource” come up in a session, I thought the presenter was saying “Dinosaurs”. She was speaking quickly, and I was a little tired, so hearing “Dinosaurs” had me wondering if it A) was a new R&D naming convention, B) I’d finally lost it, or C) it referred to aging products.

Turns out it was none of the above.

Think of Dynasource as the Airbnb for professional services. You can visit dynasource.com and search for professionals to work on your clients’ projects, list yourself as a free agent for upcoming projects, or offer up your employees and their capabilities as a match for fellow Partners’ needs.

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Reflections on the Naming of Microsoft’s New CEO, Satya Nadella

By Jenny Davis

Timing is everything. If we shipped this magazine a week earlier than planned, you’d be reading something very different on this page. That topic was thrown out the door on Tuesday, February 4, when Satya Nadella was officially named CEO of Microsoft.

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Out of the Office for Fall Events: 10 Ways to Make the Most of It!

By Jenny Davis

It’s that time of year again where you’re out of the office more than you’re in it…and NOT on vacation! Microsoft Fall events are in full swing and to make life a little easier, I have 10 ways to make the most of your experiences away from the office…

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Bethany Foyt Joins The Partner Channel!

By Jenny Davis

We’re excited to announce the newest member of The Partner Channel team! Bethany Foyt has joined The Partner Channel to continue helping Microsoft Dynamics Partners in a whole new way.

After almost four years of helping technology Partners implement and execute their marketing plans and managing content programs, such as blog and case study writing while at The Partner Marketing Group, Bethany has developed a keen knowledge of the Microsoft community as well as in the technology industry. As a writer, she has also put herself in the shoes of prospects and customers, developing insight into industry pain points and key benefits of Microsoft solutions.

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We’re Hiring!

By Jenny Davis

Would you like to work at The Partner Channel or know somebody who would? Check out the Marketing and Communications Manager role we’ve posted.

This is a brand new role for our organization and we’re excited at the prospect of bringing a new member to our team!


Jane, Jasmine, and Jenny

(Note: first name starting with “J” is not a job requirement)

Sitting Down With Our Visionary Sponsors

By Jenny Davis

Four of our Visionary Sponsors joined us on stage at The Partner Event to talk about their product offerings, why Partners like working with them, the greatest benefit they offer to customers, and what’s coming up.

See the interviews with Altec, Ariett, BizNet Software, and Vicinity Manufacturing below and visit our Sponsor page to learn more about our other Event Sponsors.

A Word from a Visionary Sponsor, Ariett

By Jenny Davis

ariett-intro-video – Wi-Fi from The Partner Channel on Vimeo.

A Word from a Visionary Event Sponsor, Altec

By Jenny Davis

A Word from Altec from The Partner Channel on Vimeo.

A Word from a Visionary Event Sponsor, Vicinity Manufacturing

By Jenny Davis

Formula Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics from The Partner Channel on Vimeo.

A Word from a Visionary Event Sponsor, BizNet Software

By Jenny Davis

17 Key Benefits of BizNet Software from The Partner Channel on Vimeo.

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