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Partner News

By Jasmine McNellis

December 29, 2011SBS Group is proud to be named in Progressive Media Group’s Bob Scott’s Insights as a winner of the VAR Stars 2011 List award for the third consecutive year.  A leading technology consulting firm, SBS Group provides accounting and business solutions to mid-sized companies through a network of regional offices across the United States.  VAR Stars honors 100 organizations for their accomplishments, growth, innovation and industry leadership in the mid-market financial software sector.

Partner News

By Jasmine McNellis

December 21, 2011:  SBS Group donated presents, gift cards, and toys to abused and neglected children in Philadelphia County this week.  A leading technology consulting firm, SBS Group provides accounting and business solutions to mid-sized companies through a network of regional offices across the United States.  In partnership with The Support Center for Child Advocates, SBS contributed gifts to children of all ages.

December 12, 2011:  On December 8, 2011, MIG (www.mig.com) joined Microsoft at Toy R Us – Times Square location to purchase toys for the Toys for Tots charity. Microsoft generously agreed to match all donations made by Microsoft employees, so together everyone undoubtedly brightened the holidays for many children this year! Learn more about Toys for Tots at http://www.toysfortots.org/.

December 7, 2011:  ZSL’s Multicurrency Web Feeder add-on solutions have been awarded a place in 2012 list for Microsoft Dynamics Top Add-Ons for GP. This year they had more than 500 nominations to investigate, and the selection process is based on Value for Money, Ease of implementation & Product support, effectiveness due to use of the Add-On, Simplicity of integration & Add-On Functionality. http://www.dynamicsworld.co.uk/top-add-ons/  For more information please visit www.zsl.comRead more »

And Now a Word from our e-Newsletter Sponsor…Equisys

By Jasmine McNellis

Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, by Equisys, is a robust, feature rich, 3-in-1 (Capture, Deliver and Archive) solution that addresses document management and imaging for NAV users. Zetadocs is proven to streamline business processes, improve customer service and reduce dependency on paper – providing an ROI in typically less than 6 months. With new enhancements to the document imaging and batch processing capabilities of Zetadocs for NAV, users can further automate and streamline accounting processes such as Supplier Invoice Processing, Proof of Delivery Tracking and Electronic Invoicing.  In addition, Zetadocs Express, the downloadable document management module for NAV, will be available from Equisys at the end of October, at no additional cost to users of the NAV 2009 R2 Role-Tailored client who are on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan. Contact us today to learn more about the Zetadocs for NAV suite, including Zetadocs Express.  770-772-7201|www.equisys.com/products/zetadocs_for_NAV

Congratulations to the 2011 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club, Inner Circle, and Partner Award Winners!

By Jasmine McNellis

Congrats to those Partners who achieved President’s Club, Inner Circle, and Partner Awards this year! The Partners were recognized last week at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, and their recognition lives on at PartnerSource and all of the recipients will be published in our Fall 2011 edition of The Partner Channel Magazine.

And Now a Word from our e-Newsletter Sponsor…Solver

By Jasmine McNellis

BI360: The Microsoft Excel-based alternative to FRx, Management Reporter and Forecaster!
BI360 offers Excel-based Reporting and Budgeting with out-of-the-box integration to Dynamics AX, GP, SL, NAV, CRM and Sage MAS500!  It even has Excel & Web-based Dashboards and a Data Warehouse.  Partners and customers agree that BI360 is the right alternative for companies looking for the next-generation reporting and budgeting solution.  See for yourself why users and partners are choosing BI360!  Click here to learn more.

And Now a Word from our e-Newsletter Sponsor…Bottomline Technologies

By Jasmine McNellis

Bottomline Technologies® Customer Hydra-Power Systems TAPs into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
If you attended Convergence this year you may have heard Steve Ballmer highlight Bottomline’s MSTAP customer, Hydra Power Systems, during the Keynote speech.  Check out this video of the Convergence opening address.

Hydra Power systems uses Create!form to produce and output reports, design and distribute customer and vendor facing documents, and they will be using Create!form in AX 2012 to print and distribute checks. Some of the reports produced include: Sales Quotation, Confirmation, Picking List, Packing Slip, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Commissions Transactions, Customer Account Statements, etc.

In addition, Hydra Power uses Create!form to design and distribute all of their customer and vendor facing transactional documents. Documents are distributed via print, fax, and email and Hydra Power systems uses Create!form to distribute the reports as they are processed;  both as single report processing and batch processing.

Hydra Power was also highlighted in a white paper that was distributed during Convergence,  in which Bottomline is mentioned as one of the key partners in their implementation of AX 2012.   Here is a link to the Hydra-Power Systems white paper.

About Hydra Power systems:  Hydra-Power Systems, is a distributor and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, they have used Microsoft Dynamics AX for years and joined the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) to gain early access to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.   In the white paper Hydra-Power states that they updated Bottomline’s Create!form™ solution for Microsoft Dynamics to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Create!form offers an easy-to-use, drag-and drop design tool for technology users who need to format data outputs to design forms and distribute them.  Bottomline’s powerful, next-generation e-forms solution accommodates Microsoft Dynamics AX customer’s most intense output and reporting needs by providing complete formatting flexibility on a simple, intuitive platform.

For more information regarding innovation solutions from Bottomline visit:  www.bottomline.com

And Now a Word from our e-Newsletter Sponsor…Altec

By Jasmine McNellis

Key Considerations When Selecting a Document Management Solution

By: Brandt Morrell, President and COO, Altec

If you’re like thousands of medium sized businesses across the globe, you are evaluating the opportunities to “go paperless”.  Recent mid-market surveys indicate that document management is ranked in the top five IT initiatives being undertaken.

Click here to read the full whitepaper and be sure to share with your clients “The Key Considerations When Selecting a Document Management Solution.”

Convergence Tip of the Week Festival – Week 7

By Jasmine McNellis

This week brings you tips from Mark Rockwell of Rockton Software

  1. In preparing for Convergence, consider joining The Spot or co-marketing with other Partners. There are lots of ways to team up. Perhaps you can find another ISV that has a similar or complementary business offering. Split the costs of giving away a nice prize to attendees for visiting both of your booths.
  2. At Convergence, train your staff to ask leading questions to passers-by that walk down the aisles in front of your booth. We’ve had great success at Rockton asking “Do you use (Microsoft) Dynamics GP?” It quickly weeds out the non-GP users, and amazingly engages the passer-by to answer a follow-up question such as “Have you heard of Rockton and what we offer?” By being aggressive in “fishing” the aisles to bring people into our booth, we get roughly 50% more attendees to step into our booth and hold a conversation with us.

Convergence Tip of the Week Festival – Week 6

By Jasmine McNellis

This week brings you tips from Heather Leslie-Ball of Binary Stream Software

Every year Microsoft Convergence brings a great deal of excitement and vigour to our team and our marketing efforts.  Here are some tips from our team to your to get the ball rolling and make the most of the event this year!

  1. Start Early – Every year you get incredibly busy at Convergence.  To make the most out of it, start early and plan ahead.  Set meeting priorities ahead of time to ensure you are making the needed connections before you even arrive in Atlanta!
  2. Make each Connection Count! – ensure that you really make each conversation count.  Listen carefully and take client needs to heart. Ensure that you take good notes to remember why exactly you were speaking to specific individuals after the event.  The backs of business cards can be especially helpful here.
  3. Stay Fuelled! – With an event like Convergence you and your team are literally running from dawn until dusk and beyond every day.  Because of this it is really important to make sure you eat during expo receptions times, drink plenty of water and get a good amount of sleep before the event even begins.
  4. Stay on target, Stay on message – Try to focus your conversations in on what really matters to your organization. Keep the messages about your products simple, straight-forward and benefit based.  Go deep when needed, but during booth introductions ensure everyone knows your elevator pitch too.

Convergence Tip of the Week Festival – Week 5

By Jasmine McNellis

This week brings you tips from John Kleb of Sikich

1.  You are not going to the conference to eat or sleep.  There will be ample eating, enough sleeping, but the goal is to gain as much new information as you can and to make as many connections as you can handle.

2.  Be sure your suitcase or backpack has room to bring home more than you brought as you will go home with more.

3.  Be sure to attend the keynote sessions.  The keynotes with Microsoft Executives will help you align your future with theirs.  In fact, you will often see a future you hadn’t yet imagined.  The keynote(s) with non-Microsoft speakers are always a fantastic as that is why that presenter was engaged.

4.  Look beyond the sessions.  There is no question the sessions carry a lot of value, but if all you do at Convergence is attend sessions, you will have left behind a lot of opportunity.

5.  You have ideas or needs – share them with your product technical team.  One of two things will happen.  Either you will find an answer/grow an idea or the technical team will receive an insight into the real world that will help them build an even better product.

6.  Meet as many members of the Microsoft Executive team as you are able and share with them how your business is going as well as how your Dynamics product(s) enables your business.  Don’t hesitate to provide them with a short list of things they can do/change to make your life better.  They love this stuff and you will help guide their thinking.

7.  Believe it or not – attend the parties.  The environment created by a social event allows conservative professional  barriers to be lowered and can often provide you with real insight or, at worst, a great new relationship with someone like you.  Remember, everyone there shares Dynamics in common so you will never be stuck for lack of something to talk about.

8.  If you are an end-user, engage with your partner.  Convergence is a big opportunity for free consulting ;-).  If you are a partner, engage with your end-users as there will be nothing to build loyalty better than the Convergence connections you can make and the solution sharing you can provide.

If you would like to provide a Convergence tip for a future post, please contact Jasmine@thepartnerchannel.com.


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