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Bonnie Robertson

Bonnie Robertson understands big and small business. She's worked for one of the biggest - Microsoft - and now runs her own consulting company. Bonnie's been helping business owners and managers improve their businesses for 20 years.

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Going With Our Gut

By Bonnie Robertson

This Throwback Thursday article is from the Fall 2012 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine. Catch the most current issue for more great sales, marketing, and leadership tips!

It is interesting what shapes our lives and decisions. 

Crises survived in childhood.  Encouragement given from others.  Ordinary people providing us with extraordinary insights. Sometimes driven by fear, other times by inspiration, how these events and people weave their way into our decision making is not always obvious.  It took me years to realize that the first entrepreneur I was ever captivated by was my own father.  He was an industrious farmer and rancher and a reputable cattle buyer.

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Dreamers, Dealers, and Doers

By Bonnie Robertson

by Bonnie Robertson

By cashing out of corporate-type careers or cashing in with savings we managed to tuck away, we are well on our way to one of the largest entrepreneurial booms in decades.  Whether the motives are frustration with managers that “just don’t get us” or ideas “that just won’t go away”, the drive for new start-ups or the remake of existing business is happening with renaissance-like enthusiasm. As usual, we celebrate the courage and creative innovation of entrepreneurs, although we rarely understand them.

In spite of the enthusiasm, the odds are not good.

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Tapping the Treasure

By Bonnie Robertson

What does the future hold for Partner organizations? I have been asked this question with increasing intensity over the past couple of years. The truth is, if I really knew what it takes to be hugely successful in the next several years, I would probably do it and not just talk and write about it. For me, predicting the future comes from speculation (and hopefully some insight) from my years of observing and learning about this market and from learning from many of you, successful entrepreneurs.  Read more »

But Everyone Else is Doing It

By Bonnie Robertson

If everyone else was jumping off the bridge, would you do it, too? 

Somewhere, in some far-off conference or seminar, parents decided that this adage should mean something to us as children. My father used it on me, and I in turn used it on my own children. The odd thing is that where I grew up, there weren’t any bridges, so I could never really figure out what bridge he was talking about.

Most recently, in listening to the news media intently and watching the continual dismal economic news, this much overused phrase has come to mind. Maybe because all I hear is, “everyone else…is losing money, laying off people, looking for government bailouts…” The list of excuses for poor strategic focuses, not looking forward, only backward, and greed continue on, all rolled up into a political economic crisis. Read more »

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