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Bethany Foyt is the Marketing & Communications Manager at The Partner Channel and writes for The Partner Channel Magazine, CRMUG Magazine, AXUG Magazine, NAVUG Magazine, and GPUG Magazine.

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Memorable and Shareworthy Marketing Content

By Bethany Foyt

This infographic and blog from Hubspot touches on very important stats that showcase the difficulty in making your marketing content memorable and shareworthy. As the blog article states, “Memorable promotional emails are a dime a dozen- and yet, how memorable an email is correlates strongly with whether or not recipients forward it to others or share it with their social networks.”

We are covering this exact topic at PreGAME to Summit in Reno tomorrow morning at our session, Marketing to the Online Attention Threshold. Our panelists, Jon Rivers and Brooke Webb, will offer up tips on how they have created memorable and shareworthy marketing content. This session will look at tried and true methods of providing value while considering the attention that Customers (and fellow Partners) are both willing and able to provide. Join us Tuesday at 10:00 AM PST in Reno at PreGAME for this session. You won’t want to miss it!

Fall 2015 Version of The List: Online is Now Available

By Bethany Foyt

Download your copy of the Fall 2015 version of The List: Online today!

The List is a great resource to find Microsoft Dynamics add-on products as well as services. The Partner Channel will also be in Reno for User Group Summit this month at booth #762. Stop on by to learn more about how The List can help you find the right add-on solutions for yourself and/or for your clients.

Introducing The Genius Series Students

By Bethany Foyt

We’re very excited and pleased to welcome our very first class of geniuses into The Genius Series: Marketers Excel Into Geniuses. Get to know our students below by reading a few fun facts and make sure to congratulate them on social media or in person!

Aynsley Keller, Marketing Director at SK GLOBAL SOFTWARE Favorite Place to Travel Best Food I’ve Ever Tasted What genius I would sit down for coffee with
 AK_Headshot_2014 In this season of life I look forward to more regional travel and getting to know neighboring towns and hidden gems that are closer to home. A local chef used to make this bubbling mozzarella/tomato appetizer that will be a lasting memory. Where did you go chef?! The famous and fictional Proverbs 31 woman. I’d sure like to pick her brain!
Cindy Braum, Senior Consultant at BKD Technologies Favorite Place to Travel Best Food I’ve Ever Tasted What genius I would sit down for coffee with
 Cindy Braum Colorado because it’s beautiful.   I love the mountains and the low humidity and cooler weather.  Always a good hair day! Any and all seafood.  Anything Italian with red sauce is a close 2nd. Maya Angelou. Her quotes and books are so enlightening and motivational.  I think she was an extraordinary person and I could sit and talk with her for hours about everything!
Kaitlyn McKendry, Marketing Coordinator at Vicinity Manufacturing Favorite Place to Travel Best Food I’ve Ever Tasted What genius I would sit down for coffee with
 Kaitlyn CROP I’m a beach vacationer, the best beach I have ever been to is St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Favorite place to travel would ultimately be any new city—something new to learn, explore and appreciate. Not sure it is the best—but a one of my regular favorites is a local dish called “Angry Muscles” in white wine butter sauce with chopped fresh jalapeno’s and thick cut bacon. Basically anything with Spice and Bacon works for my pallet. Pope Francis, Amy Schumer, Hilary Clinton
Kim Haythornthwaite, General Manager at Nolan Business Solutions Favorite Place to Travel Best Food I’ve Ever Tasted What genius I would sit down for coffee with
 Kim H Vancouver Island. Nature and Ocean South of France (of course!) Margaret Atwood
Lindy Belley, Marketing Coordinator at Integrity Data Favorite Place to Travel Best Food I’ve Ever Tasted What genius I would sit down for coffee with
 Lindy Belley There are so many places I’ve loved to visit over the years, but my favorite locations usually have memories attached to them that I’ll never be able to experience again. For that reason, I would have to choose Manistee, MI. By the five food groups: mashed potatoes, strawberries, Cheerios, steak (not lean, I know), and ice cream Joe McNally, Photographer
Nicole Helm, Marketing Coordinator at Rockton Software Favorite Place to Travel Best Food I’ve Ever Tasted What genius I would sit down for coffee with
 nicole Nashville, I love the people, music, and food! Chocolate covered strawberries Joanna Gaines, of off the show Fixer Upper, I love her design element, and I love to understand how they started their business!


How Can The Partner Channel Help YOU? Please Complete Our Survey!

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel ladies are heading to the windy city next month to talk strategy and to have a little fun. It’s important to step back once in a while and in making a point to do this, we also want to hear from you!

Please take a few moments to complete this survey and let us know how we’re doing. Is there anything we could be doing more of or less of to help the success of your business?

The Partner Channel and Dynamic Partner Connections Collaborate to Offer More Learning Opportunities

By Bethany Foyt

The Partner Channel has hosted a sales, marketing, and leadership-focused event from 2004 to 2012 called The Partner Event, and then hosted The Partner Connections Event with Dynamic Partner Connections in 2013 and 2014. Now The Partner Channel and Dynamic Partner Communities are collaborating in a new way to provide training and educational sessions specifically for Microsoft Dynamics Partners at PreGAME to Summit this October 12-13 in Reno, NV and The Partner Channel is offering The Genius Series: Marketers Excel into Geniuses starting this September. Read the full press release here.

Summer Months At The Office

By Bethany Foyt

The Summer 2015 issue of The Partner Channel Magazine is on its way to your desk and is all about the summer season. The Partners below are from the northern hemisphere of the country and each have great plans up their (short) sleeves this summer.summer office

What are YOUR plans this summer at the office? Please leave a reply below! 

DFC Consultants
Sabrina Zamira

This summer is gearing up to be a busy one for us with a lot of long-term projects and upgrades. We close a lot of deals by the end of June because of Microsoft’s promotions, so the summer fills up with those new projects. We’re also focusing on connecting with other Partners to help them expand their business by utilizing DFC Consultants as their personal WennSoft expert. As a WennSoft Executive Partner, we currently work with other VARs across the country but we know there are many more who are looking for an expert who can offer them assistance in a timely fashion.

Stephanie Burke

For k-eCommerce, the summer months are slower for us in terms of company travel and shows, but that doesn’t mean we like to sit still. We use the summer for team bonding and preparation. We like to have summer lunchtime cookouts for the entire office. It gives us a chance to catch up on what everyone is working on, while enjoying the nice weather. We also like to participate in events like company golf. Since it is a slower time for k-eCommerce, many of the employees save the summer to take their vacations. We also use this time as a transitional period between a very busy Q1/Q2 and getting ready for fall travel and a jammed pack schedule in Q4.

ABC Computers, Inc.
Tom Doran

The vacations over the summer are what tend to slow business.  There is no lack of interest, however a services-based company requires that people be present on the client side to perform the service and on our side to deliver the service.  Most of our team takes vacations over the summer and in November; these are the months that get hit the hardest.  In our business, November and December are the slowest period due to holidays coming right on the heels of vacations related to hunting season.




Download the Summer 2015 Version of The List: Online

By Bethany Foyt

The Summer 2015 version of The List: Online is now available. Download your copy today or check out The List: Mobile at www.thelistmobile.com.

Get Involved in The Genius Series!

By Bethany Foyt

Whether you want to build you knowledge, share your wisdom, or help your peers in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community, there is a way to participate in The Genius Series! Click the image below to download The Genius Series Participation Chart and contact Jenny at Jenny@thepartnerchannel.com to get involved.

We’re still accepting applications to The Genius Series: Marketers Excel into Geniuses which starts this September. Apply today!

The Genius Series Participation Chart

Should You Apply to The Genius Series for Marketers?

By Bethany Foyt

2015 marks the first year of our educational program for Microsoft Dynamics Partners. The Genius Series is dedicated to helping marketers develop professionally as well as on a personal level, meeting with peers and learning from the best in the industry.

Because this is a new offering in the channel, we understand there are questions and the first one we want to help you answer is whether you’re a good fit for the program. Follow the infographic below and email Bethany Foyt at Bethany@thepartnerchannel.com if you have any more questions that need answering…


The Genius Series Infographic

The Partner Channel Membership Rewards

By Bethany Foyt

By signing up for The Partner Channel Membership Rewards, you get the best of The Partner Channel with more magazines, discounts on The Genius Series, and more! Check out a visual short-list of benefits and then visit www.thepartnerchannel.com/membership for a full list of benefits:

Membership Rewards 2015

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