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Adrianne Machina

Adrianne Machina is the chief velocity officer of Tornado Marketing, Inc. (www.TornadoMktg.com) and an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach. A huge Web 2.0 advocate, Adrianne's marketing strategies and copywriting service help clients leverage the Web to bring in more leads and most importantly - more sales! Having worked in the Microsoft Dynamics channel since 2000, Adrianne provides valuable insight into how to market complex solutions. Her clients appreciate her practical advice and business value-driven approach to marketing.

My Articles:

Different Strokes for Different Folks

By Adrianne Machina

Those of you who have been around since the good ol’ Great Plains days have experienced firsthand how different two company cultures can be.

Under the leadership of Doug Burgum (now Governor of North Dakota), the culture at Great Plains was community-minded…and a little quirky.  Leadership fostered an environment where employees and Partners all felt part of the team. That culture permeated throughout Great Plains – from job roles to events like Stampede. And who can forget Doug’s Q&As? You never knew what Doug might talk about – bee colonies, Lewis and Clark, or what it’s like to hitchhike in Alaska – but you knew that as much as the story might twist and wander, it always came back to a central theme of community and a shared mission.

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Summer EBook Writing

By Adrianne Machina

Okay, summer may be coming to an end, but we here at The Partner Channel are in denial.

Here’s another great article from The Partner Channel Magazine Summer 2015 issue by Adrianne Machina. Read the full magazine here: http://thepartnerchannel.com/magazine/partner-channel-magazine-online/

How Fake People Deliver Real Results

By Adrianne Machina

Do you know Sam the Sales Guy, Ann from Accounting, and Mike in Manufacturing? To improve
your sales and marketing efforts, you need to get to know these people intimately – after you
create them.

Sam, Ann, and Mike aren’t real people. They are the names of personas who represent real
people. Personas are fictional characters who are a composite of real-world people and who
illustrate the values, goals, and behaviors of your typical ideal clients.

These “fake people” can make or break your sales and marketing success.

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Stop Worrying About Plan B; You Still Have 24 Letters to Go!

By Adrianne Machina

Have you ever signed up for a Microsoft marketing campaign and been disappointed by the results? Sponsored a tradeshow booth that only attracted the goodie-grabbers?  Signed up for an online pay-per-click program only to watch your campaign budget fizzle away without results? 

Unless you aren’t doing any marketing, the answer is probably YES. You’ve had one or perhaps even ALL of those experiences. As your marketing advisor, I’m here to tell you that’s perfectly normal. Failure is an innate part of the learning process. 

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Social Media Marketing: Get on Board!

By Adrianne Machina

In the last couple of years, a monumental shift has occurred online with the advent of Web 2.0 and social media marketing. Many companies are waking up to find themselves in a whole new world where they don’t know the language, the customs, or how to make friends. If that describes you, then today I’d like to be your Web 2.0 tour guide.  Read more »

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