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Happy 10-Year Anniversary to The List

By Bethany Foyt

The Winter 2018 edition of The List is now available and marks its 10th year in publication. Check out the latest add-ons on thelistmobile.com or download your own PDF copy.The List-10 Year Anniversary logo

Thank you for searching The List, listing your solutions, and supporting our efforts to provide an easy-to-search tool these past 10 years!



Partner News

By Jasmine McNellis

December 19, 2017Fastpath, a leader in cross-platform governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), has been honored with the 2017 GRC Innovation Award in User Experience for Automated Controls by GRC 20/20. Every year GRC 20/20 evaluates offerings in the GRC space to highlight the innovators who are improving the way companies today secure themselves and comply with regulations. Fastpath is happy to have been recognized for its continued endeavor to simplify and advance the way audit and security processes are performed. “Fastpath provides a new breed of GRC software that is intuitive and easy to use in a cloud-based platform that centralizes all SoD and access control data in one place,” according to Michael Rasmussen, the GRC pundit for GRC 20/20 and internationally recognized expert. The innovations at Fastpath include the ability to run security across multiple ERPs and XRMs from a single program, including the capacity to write and analyze segregation of duties rules that apply cross-platform. “We are pleased to have received this award from GRC 20/20,” stated Andy Snook, CEO of Fastpath, Inc., “In today’s business environment, companies need to be able to feel secure in allowing access to a multitude of systems, with our cross-platform capacity they can do just that with Fastpath Assure.” You can download a copy of the report at https://www.gofastpath.com/fastpath-grc-innovator-award


Different Strokes for Different Folks

By Adrianne Machina

Those of you who have been around since the good ol’ Great Plains days have experienced firsthand how different two company cultures can be.

Under the leadership of Doug Burgum (now Governor of North Dakota), the culture at Great Plains was community-minded…and a little quirky.  Leadership fostered an environment where employees and Partners all felt part of the team. That culture permeated throughout Great Plains – from job roles to events like Stampede. And who can forget Doug’s Q&As? You never knew what Doug might talk about – bee colonies, Lewis and Clark, or what it’s like to hitchhike in Alaska – but you knew that as much as the story might twist and wander, it always came back to a central theme of community and a shared mission.

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